RRC ID 53091
Author Sausen N, Malavasi V, Melkonian M.
Title Molecular phylogeny, systematics, and revision of the type species of Lobomonas, L. francei (Volvocales, Chlorophyta) and closely related taxa.
Journal J. Phycol.
Abstract In the present study, three new strains of the rare volvocalean green alga Lobomonas were isolated from field-collected samples, one from Sardinia (Italy) and two from Argentina, and comparatively studied. The Sardinian and one of the Argentinian strains were identified as Lobomonas francei, the type species of the genus, whereas the second Argentinian strain corresponded to L. panduriformis. Two additional nominal species of Lobomonas from culture collections (L. rostrata and L. sphaerica) were included in the analysis and shown to be morphologically and molecularly identical to the L. francei strains. The presence, number, and shapes of cell wall lobes, the diagnostic criterion of Lobomonas, were shown to be highly variable depending on the chemical composition of the culture medium used. The analyses by SEM gave evidence that the cell wall lobes in Lobomonas originate at the junctions of adjacent cell wall plates by extrusion of gelatinous material. The four L. francei strains had identical nrRNA gene sequences and differed by only one or two substitutions in the ITS1 + ITS2 sequences. In the phylogenetic analyses, L. francei and L. panduriformis were sister taxa; however, another nominal Lobomonas species (L. monstruosa) did not belong to this genus. Lobomonas, together with taxa designated as Vitreochlamys, Tetraspora, and Paulschulzia, formed a monophyletic group that in the combined analyses was sister to the "Chlamydomonas/Volvox-clade." Based on these results, Lobomonas was revised, the diagnosis of the type species emended, a lectotype and an epitype designated, and several taxa synonymized with the type species.
Volume 54(2)
Pages 198-214
Published 2018-4
DOI 10.1111/jpy.12615
PMID 29278416
IF 2.831
Algae NIES-474 NIES-879 NIES-883 NIES-880 NIES-882 NIES-566 NIES-1708 NIES-666 NIES-2567 NIES-418 NIES-456 NIES-1362 NIES-1858 NIES-541 NIES-577 NIES-735 NIES-257 NIES-3923