RRC ID 53132
Author Lim AS, Jeong HJ, Ok JH, Kim SJ.
Title Feeding by the harmful phototrophic dinoflagellate Takayama tasmanica (Family Kareniaceae).
Journal Harmful Algae
Abstract ) which is only 64% of the body carbon of a T. tasmanica cell. Growth rates of T. tasmanica on A. minutum were not affected by prey concentrations. Thus, the low maximum ingestion rate is likely to be responsible for the small increases of its growth rate through mixotrophy. In addition, neither growth nor ingestion rates of T. tasmanica feeding on Alexandrium tamarense were affected by prey concentrations. The maximum ingestion rate of T. tasmanica on A. minutum was considerably lower than that of T. helix on the same prey species. Therefore, the mixotrophic ability of T. tasmanica is weaker than that of T. helix, and also T. tasmanica may have an ecological niche different from that of T. helix in marine ecosystems.
Volume 74
Pages 19-29
Published 2018-4
DOI 10.1016/j.hal.2018.03.009
PII S1568-9883(18)30041-6
PMID 29724340
IF 4.138
Algae NIES-2411