RRC ID 53836
Author Kikuchi K, Nakamura A, Arata M, Shi D, Nakagawa M, Tanaka T, Uemura T, Fujimori T, Kikuchi A, Uezu A, Sakamoto Y, Nakanishi H.
Title Map7/7D1 and Dvl form a feedback loop that facilitates microtubule remodeling and Wnt5a signaling.
Journal EMBO Rep.
Abstract Disheveled in pupal wing cells. These results suggest that the role of Map7/7D1/Ensconsin in Disheveled localization is evolutionarily conserved.
Volume 19(7)
Published 2018-7
DOI 10.15252/embr.201745471
PII embr.201745471
PMID 29880710
IF 8.749
DNA material pEGFP-N3-hMap7 (RDB16943) pcDNA3.1-V5His6-hMap7 (RDB16944) pEGFP-N3-mMap7 (RDB16945) Genome Network Project Human cDNA IRAK049L15 (HGX019879)