RRC ID 54154
Author Nakamura S, Satoh H, Ohtsubo K.
Title Development of formulae for estimating amylose content, amylopectin chain length distribution, and resistant starch content based on the iodine absorption curve of rice starch.
Journal Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem.
Abstract Not only amylose but also amylopectin greatly affects the gelatinization properties of rice starch and the quality of cooked rice grains. We here characterized the starches of 32 rice cultivars and evaluated the relationship between their iodine absorption curve, apparent amylose content (AAC), pasting property, resistant starch (RS) content, and chain length distribution of amylopectin. We found that the iodine absorption curve differed among the various sample rice cultivars. Using the wavelength at which absorbance becomes maximum on iodine staining of starch (λmax), we propose a novel index, "new λmax" (AAC/(λmax of sample rice starches-λmax of glutinous rice starch)). We developed the novel estimation formulae for AAC, RS contents, and amylopectin fractions with the use of λmax and "new λmax." These formulae would lead to the improved method for estimating starch properties using an easy and rapid iodine colorimetric method.
Volume 79(3)
Pages 443-55
Published 2015
DOI 10.1080/09168451.2014.978257
PMID 25384364
MeSH Absorption, Physicochemical* Amylopectin / chemistry* Amylose / analysis* Amylose / chemistry Chromatography, Ion Exchange Electrochemistry Iodine / chemistry* Oryza / chemistry* Starch / analysis* Starch / chemistry*
IF 1.255
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