RRC ID 54323
Author Sakaguchi S, Horie K, Ishikawa N, Nagano AJ, Yasugi M, Kudoh H, Ito M.
Title Simultaneous evaluation of the effects of geographic, environmental and temporal isolation in ecotypic populations of Solidago virgaurea.
Journal New Phytol
Abstract Early stages of ecological speciation can create populations with an ecology and reproduction timing distinct from those of related populations. Landscape genetic models incorporating environmental heterogeneity and population-specific reproductive traits enable the processes of population genetic differentiation to be inferred. We investigated genome-wide genetic variation in ecotypic populations of Solidago virgaurea sensu lato, a herbaceous plant inhabiting a wide range of habitats (woodlands, serpentine barrens and alpine grasslands) and displaying remarkable variation in flowering time. Simultaneous evaluation of environmental factors revealed an overwhelming effect of soil type differences on neutral genetic differentiation, compared with elevational differences. This result probably reflects the abrupt environmental changes generated by geological boundaries, whereas mountain slopes exhibit clinal changes, facilitating gene exchange between neighbouring populations. Temporal isolation was positively associated with genetic differentiation, with some early-flowering serpentine populations having allele frequencies distinct from adjacent nonserpentine populations. Overall, this study highlights the importance of ecological processes and of evolution of flowering time to promote genetic differentiation of S. virgaurea populations in a complex landscape.
Volume 216(4)
Pages 1268-1280
Published 2017-12-1
DOI 10.1111/nph.14744
PMID 28833204
MeSH Altitude Asbestos, Serpentine* Ecosystem* Flowers / physiology* Genetic Speciation* Japan Soil Solidago / genetics*
IF 8.512
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