RRC ID 54392
Author Watanabe S, Ishizuka T, Hososhima S, Zamani A, Hoque MR, Yawo H.
Title The regulatory mechanism of ion permeation through a channelrhodopsin derived from Mesostigma viride (MvChR1).
Journal Photochem Photobiol Sci
Abstract The five glutamate (E) residues of transmembrane (TM)-2 of channelrhodopsin (CrChR)-2 are conserved among several members of the ChR family. A point mutation of one of them, E97, to a nonpolar alanine (E97A) reduced the photocurrent amplitude without influencing other photocurrent properties. The charge at this position is also the determinant of the Gd(3+)-dependent block of the channel. It has thus been suggested that E97 interacts with hydrated cations to facilitate their permeation and that these residues are the primary binding sites of Gd(3+). However, the counterpart of this position is alanine for MvChR1 from Mesostigma viride. Here we investigated the ion permeation and the Gd(3+)-dependent channel block of MvChR1. We found that the high-affinity binding site of Gd(3+) was absent in MvChR1, but was dependent on the negativity at this position. However, the ion permeation through the channel was markedly interfered with a negative charge at this position. Based on these findings, it is proposed that the ions can pass through the pore with minimal interaction with this position.
Volume 15(3)
Pages 365-74
Published 2016-3-1
DOI 10.1039/c5pp00290g
PMID 26853505
MeSH Cations / chemistry Cations / metabolism Gadolinium / chemistry Gadolinium / metabolism* Ion Transport Rhodopsin / chemistry Rhodopsin / metabolism* Streptophyta / chemistry Streptophyta / metabolism*
IF 2.831
Times Cited 3
DNA material pCMV-MvChR1-Venus (RDB16786) pCMV-eMvChR1#1-Venus (RDB16787) pCMV-eMvChR1#2-Venus (RDB16788) pCMV-eMvChR1#2(A97D)-Venus (RDB16789) pCMV-eMvChR1#2(A97E)-Venus (RDB16790) pCMV-eMvChR1#2(A97Q)-Venus (RDB16791) pCMV-eMvChR1#2(A97R)-Venus (RDB16792)