RRC ID 5482
Author Mancinelli RL, Landheim R, Sánchez-Porro C, Dornmayr-Pfaffenhuemer M, Gruber C, Legat A, Ventosa A, Radax C, Ihara K, White MR, Stan-Lotter H.
Title Halorubrum chaoviator sp. nov., a haloarchaeon isolated from sea salt in Baja California, Mexico, Western Australia and Naxos, Greece.
Journal Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol.
Abstract Three halophilic isolates, strains Halo-G*T, AUS-1 and Naxos II, were compared. Halo-G* was isolated from an evaporitic salt crystal from Baja California, Mexico, whereas AUS-1 and Naxos II were isolated from salt pools in Western Australia and the Greek island of Naxos, respectively. Halo-G*T had been exposed previously to conditions of outer space and survived 2 weeks on the Biopan facility. Chemotaxonomic and molecular comparisons suggested high similarity between the three strains. Phylogenetic analysis based on the 16S rRNA gene sequences revealed that the strains clustered with Halorubrum species, showing sequence similarities of 99.2-97.1%. The DNA-DNA hybridization values of strain Halo-G*T and strains AUS-1 and Naxos II are 73 and 75%, respectively, indicating that they constitute a single species. The DNA relatedness between strain Halo-G*T and the type strains of 13 closely related species of the genus Halorubrum ranged from 39 to 2%, suggesting that the three isolates constitute a different genospecies. The G+C content of the DNA of the three strains was 65.5-66.5 mol%. All three strains contained C20C20 derivatives of diethers of phosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylglyceromethylphosphate and phosphatidylglycerolsulfate, together with a sulfated glycolipid. On the basis of these results, a novel species that includes the three strains is proposed, with the name Halorubrum chaoviator sp. nov. The type strain is strain Halo-G*T (=DSM 19316T=NCIMB 14426T=ATCC BAA-1602T).
Volume 59(Pt 8)
Pages 1908-13
Published 2009-8
DOI 10.1099/ijs.0.000463-0
PII ijs.0.000463-0
PMID 19567575
PMC PMC3182535
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