RRC ID 54959
Author Yamagata Y, Win KT, Miyazaki Y, Ogata C, Yasui H, Yoshimura A.
Title Development of introgression lines of AA genome Oryza species, O. glaberrima, O. rufipogon, and O. nivara, in the genetic background of O. sativa L. cv. Taichung 65.
Journal Breed. Sci.
Abstract To evaluate and utilize potentially valuable quantitative trait loci or genes of wild relatives in the genetic background of domesticated crop species, chromosome segment substitution lines (CSSLs) are a valuable tool. CSSLs can be constructed through the exchange of chromosome segments of AA genome species of the genus Oryza with cultivated rice, Oryza sativa L. Here we report the development of three sets of CSSLs carrying segments of AA genome species closely related to Oryza sativa-O. glaberrima (IRGC 103777 from Mali), O. rufipogon (W1962 from China), and O. nivara (IRGC 105715 from Cambodia)-in the genetic background of ssp. japonica cultivar Taichung 65 through the use of 101 to 121 simple-sequence-repeat markers in whole-genome genotyping and marker-assisted selection. The materials are available via the National Bioresource Project (Rice) Oryzabase Web page.
Volume 69(2)
Pages 359-363
Published 2019-6
DOI 10.1270/jsbbs.19002
PII 69_19002
PMID 31481846