RRC ID 56338
Author Arguijo-Hernández ES, Hernandez-Sanchez J, Briones-Peña SJ, Oviedo N, Mendoza-Hernández G, Guarneros G, Kameyama L.
Title Cor interacts with outer membrane proteins to exclude FhuA-dependent phages.
Journal Arch. Virol.
Abstract Superinfection exclusion (Sie) of FhuA-dependent phages is carried out by Cor in the Escherichia coli mEp167 prophage lysogenic strain. In this work, we present evidence that Cor is an outer membrane (OM) lipoprotein that requires the participation of additional outer membrane proteins (OMPs) to exclude FhuA-dependent phages. Two Cor species of ~13 and ~8.5 kDa, corresponding to the preprolipoprotein/prolipoprotein and lipoprotein, were observed by Western blot. Cell mutants for CorC17F, CorA18D and CorA57E lost the Sie phenotype for FhuA-dependent phages. A copurification affinity binding assay combined with LC_ESI_MS/MS showed that Cor bound to OMPs: OmpA, OmpC, OmpF, OmpW, LamB, and Slp. Interestingly, Sie for FhuA-dependent phages was reduced on Cor overexpressing FhuA+ mutant strains, where ompA, ompC, ompF, ompW, lamB, fhuE, genes were knocked out. The exclusion was restored when these strains were supplemented with plasmids expressing these genes. Sie was not lost in other Cor overexpressing FhuA+ null mutant strains JW3938(btuB-), JW5100(tolB-), JW3474(slp-). These results indicate that Cor interacts and requires some OMPs to exclude FhuA-dependent phages.
Volume 163(11)
Pages 2959-2969
Published 2018-11
DOI 10.1007/s00705-018-3954-z
PII 10.1007/s00705-018-3954-z
PMID 30043202
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IF 2.16
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