RRC ID 56648
Author You-Ran Jang, Chon-Sik Kang, Sun-Hyung Lim, and Jong-Yeol Lee
Title Screening and Identification of Omega-5 Gliadin Mutants in Wheat Doubled-Haploid Lines
Journal Korean J Breed Sci
Abstract Gliadin proteins are a major component of gluten proteins and important determinants of bread-making quality by conferring the viscosity and extensibility of dough, but also present significant health problems for consumers with wheat-related diseases like celiac disease or wheat allergies. In order to solve this problem, we conducted RP-HPLC analysis to profile gliadin fractions for screening the mutants deficient in gliadins from 122 wheat doubled-haploid (DH) lines cultivated by the National Institute of Crop Science. Comparing the RP-HPLC chromatogram of 122 DH lines with those of the respective parents, we found that some peaks of omega-5 gliadin were not present in 28 DH lines. Further analysis using SDS-PAGE and A-PAGE showed that the omega-5 gliadin in the parental varieties had two to three bands, but only one band in the absent 28 DH lines. The relative expression levels of all gliadin groups in the parental and mutant lines were also examined by RP-HPLC. Our study contributes to establishing a method for the rapid screening and identification of mutants missing gliadins as major epitopes of wheat-related disease in many wheat genetic resources and breeding lines as valuable information to other researchers.
Volume 50(3)
Pages 181-192
Published 2018-9-1
DOI 10.9787/KJBS.2018.50.3.181
Wheat Chinese Spring Nullisomic-tetrasomics