RRC ID 57287
Author Kaya-Çopur A, Schnorrer F.
Title RNA Interference Screening for Genes Regulating Drosophila Muscle Morphogenesis.
Journal Methods Mol Biol
Abstract RNA interference (RNAi) is the method of choice to systematically test for gene function in an intact organism. The model organism Drosophila has the advantage that RNAi is cell autonomous, meaning it does not spread from one cell to the next. Hence, RNAi can be performed in a tissue-specific manner by expressing short or long inverted repeat constructs (hairpins) designed to target mRNAs from one specific target gene. This achieves tissue-specific knock-down of a target gene of choice. Here, we detail the methodology to test gene function in Drosophila muscle tissue by expressing hairpins in a muscle-specific manner using the GAL4-UAS system. We further discuss the systematic RNAi resource collections available which also permit large scale screens in a muscle-specific manner. The full power of such screens is revealed by combination of high-throughput assays followed by detailed morphological assays. Together, this chapter should be a practical guide to enable the reader to either test a few candidate genes, or large gene sets for particular functions in Drosophila muscle tissue and provide first insights into the biological process the gene might be important for in muscle.
Volume 1889
Pages 331-348
Published 2018-10-27
DOI 10.1007/978-1-4939-8897-6_20
PMID 30367424
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