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Author Martin JL, Sanders EN, Moreno-Roman P, Jaramillo Koyama LA, Balachandra S, Du X, O'Brien LE.
Title Long-term live imaging of the Drosophila adult midgut reveals real-time dynamics of division, differentiation and loss.
Journal Elife
Abstract Organ renewal is governed by the dynamics of cell division, differentiation and loss. To study these dynamics in real time, we present a platform for extended live imaging of the adult Drosophila midgut, a premier genetic model for stem-cell-based organs. A window cut into a living animal allows the midgut to be imaged while intact and physiologically functioning. This approach prolongs imaging sessions to 12-16 hr and yields movies that document cell and tissue dynamics at vivid spatiotemporal resolution. By applying a pipeline for movie processing and analysis, we uncover new and intriguing cell behaviors: that mitotic stem cells dynamically re-orient, that daughter cells use slow kinetics of Notch activation to reach a fate-specifying threshold, and that enterocytes extrude via ratcheted constriction of a junctional ring. By enabling real-time study of midgut phenomena that were previously inaccessible, our platform opens a new realm for dynamic understanding of adult organ renewal.
Volume 7
Published 2018-11-14
DOI 10.7554/eLife.36248
PII 36248
PMID 30427308
PMC PMC6277200
MeSH Aging / physiology* Animals Cell Communication Cell Differentiation* Cell Division* Cell Lineage Cell Nucleus / metabolism Cell Survival Cell Tracking Digestive System / cytology* Drosophila melanogaster / cytology* Drosophila melanogaster / physiology* Enterocytes / cytology Imaging, Three-Dimensional Kinetics Mitosis Receptors, Notch / metabolism Single-Cell Analysis Stem Cells / cytology
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