RRC ID 57666
Author Aoyagi S, Kodama Y, Passarelli MK, Vorng JL, Kawashima T, Yoshikiyo K, Yamamoto T, Gilmore IS.
Title OrbiSIMS Imaging Identifies Molecular Constituents of the Perialgal Vacuole Membrane of Paramecium bursaria with Symbiotic Chlorella variabilis.
Journal Anal Chem
Abstract The protist (mostly single-celled organisms), Paramecium bursaria, forms an intracellular symbiotic relationship with the single-celled algae, Chlorella variabilis, where P. bursaria provides nutrients (i.e., Ca2+, Mg2+, and K+), carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and protection from viruses, while C. variabilis provides oxygen, carbon fixation, and nutrients. Key to this successful relationship is the perialgal vacuole (PV) membrane, which surrounds C. variabilis and protects it from digestion by P. bursaria. The membrane is fragile and difficult to analyze using conventional methods therefore very little is known about the molecular composition. We used the OrbiSIMS, a new high-resolution mass spectrometer with subcellular resolution imaging, to study the compartmentalization of endosymbionts and elucidate biomolecular interactions between the host and endosymbiont. Ions from the region of interest, close to C. variabilis, and specific to the target samples containing PVs were found based on the chemical mapping and masses of the ions. We show chemical localizations of oligosaccharides in close proximity of C. variabilis endosymbionts in P. bursaria. These oligosaccharides are detected in host-endosymbiont samples containing PV membrane-bound algae and absent in free-living algae and digestive vacuole (DV) membrane-bound algae in P. bursaria.
Volume 91(22)
Pages 14545-14551
Published 2019-10-17
DOI 10.1021/acs.analchem.9b03571
PMID 31621296
MeSH Chlorella / chemistry* Intracellular Membranes / chemistry* Mass Spectrometry Oligosaccharides / analysis Paramecium / chemistry* Symbiosis / physiology Vacuoles / chemistry*
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