RRC ID 5782
Author Niimi G, Imada H.
Title Light and electron microscopic observation of presumptive erythropoietic foci in the medaka yolk sacs.
Journal Ital J Anat Embryol
Abstract The medaka, Oryzias latipes is a useful animal model for the study of primary vasculature in vertebrate embryos. Using benzidine stain for erythroid cells, we found presumptive erythropoietic foci in the yolk sac vitellolysis zone at stage 39. These foci were present in the yolk syncytial layer, in the extravascular and vitellolysis zone from 9 days post fertilization (dpf) to 11 dpf, and then declined between 12 to 13 dpf with yolk mass depletion. A table of previous reports on various species of fish showing yolk sac erythropoiesis is also presented.
Volume 113(3)
Pages 153-8
Published 2008-7
PMID 19205587
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