RRC ID 58291
Author Fang Liu, Yunjian Xu, Hequn Wang, Yuan Zhou, Beijiu Cheng, and Xiaoyu Li
Title APETALA 2 transcription factor CBX1 is a regulator of mycorrhizal symbiosis and growth of Lotus japonicus
Journal Plant Cell Reports
Abstract APETALA 2 (AP2) transcriptional regulator is highly conserved in plants. CBX1 from Lotus japonicus is a member of AP2 family. AMF (Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi) inoculation experiment demonstrated that expression of CBX1 was significantly induced by AMF. Further promoter analysis showed that the – 764 to − 498 bp region of the CBX1 promoter containing CTTC motif is the AMF responsive region. Functional analysis of cbx1 mutant suggested CBX1 is critical for mycorrhizal symbiosis, especially for arbuscule formation. Moreover, under noncolonized condition, overexpression of CBX1 reduced the root length of L. japonicus but increased the size of root system and shoot length, whereas cbx1 mutant reduced the root size and shoot length, but not effect on root length. In addition, cbx1 altered activity of monolignol biosynthetic gene and increased lignin levels. Collectively, these data indicated that CBX1 is a positive regulator of symbiotic activity and plays roles in the growth of L. japonicus.
Published 2020-1-4
DOI 10.1007/s00299-019-02501-2
IF 3.825
Lotus / Glycine LORE1a insertion lines cbx1-4 (30007045) LegumeBase