RRC ID 58300
Author Y. Wang, W. Xu, J. Abe, K.S. Nakahara, and M.R. Hajimorad
Title Precise Exchange of the Helper-Component Proteinase Cistron Between Soybean mosaic virus and Clover yellow vein virus: Impact on Virus Viability and Host Range Specificity
Journal Phytopathology
Abstract Soybean mosaic virus and Clover yellow vein virus are two definite species of the genus Potyvirus within the family Potyviridae. Soybean mosaic virus-N (SMV-N) is well adapted to cultivated soybean (Glycine max) genotypes and wild soybean (G. soja), whereas it remains undetectable in inoculated broad bean (Vicia faba). In contrast, clover yellow vein virus No. 30 (ClYVV-No. 30) is capable of systemic infection in broad bean and wild soybean; however, it infects cultivated soybean genotypes only locally. In this study, SMV-N was shown to also infect broad bean locally; hence, broad bean is a host for SMV-N. Based on these observations, it was hypothesized that lack of systemic infection by SMV-N in broad bean and by ClYVV-No. 30 in cultivated soybean is attributable to the incompatibility of multifunctional helper-component proteinase (HC-Pro) in these hosts. The logic of selecting the HC-Pro cistron as a target is based on its established function in systemic movement and being a relevant factor in host range specificity of potyviruses. To test this hypothesis, chimeras were constructed with precise exchanges of HC-Pro cistrons between SMV-N and ClYVV-No. 30. Upon inoculation, both chimeras were viable in infection, but host range specificity of the recombinant viruses did not differ from those of the parental viruses. These observations suggest that (i) HC-Pro cistrons from SMV-N and ClYVV-No. 30 are functionally compatible in infection despite 55.6 and 48.9% nucleotide and amino acid sequence identity, respectively, and (ii) HC-Pro cistrons from SMV-N and ClYVV-No. 30 are not the determinants of host specificity on cultivated soybean or broad beans, respectively.
Volume 110(1)
Pages 206–214
Published 2020-1-7
DOI 10.1094/PHYTO-06-19-0193-FI
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