RRC ID 58420
Author Chacko LA, Mehta K, Ananthanarayanan V.
Title Cortical tethering of mitochondria by the anchor protein Mcp5 enables uniparental inheritance.
Journal J. Cell Biol.
Abstract During sexual reproduction in eukaryotes, processes such as active degradation and dilution of paternal mitochondria ensure maternal mitochondrial inheritance. In the isogamous organism fission yeast, we employed high-resolution fluorescence microscopy to visualize mitochondrial inheritance during meiosis by differentially labeling mitochondria of the two parental cells. Remarkably, mitochondria, and thereby mitochondrial DNA from the parental cells, did not mix upon zygote formation but remained segregated at the poles by attaching to clusters of the anchor protein Mcp5 via its coiled-coil domain. We observed that this tethering of parental mitochondria to the poles results in uniparental inheritance of mitochondria, wherein two of the four spores formed subsequently contained mitochondria from one parent and the other spores contained mitochondria from the other parent. Further, the presence of dynein on an Mcp5 cluster precluded the attachment of mitochondria to the same cluster. Taken together, we reveal a distinct mechanism that achieves uniparental inheritance by segregation of parental mitochondria.
Volume 218(11)
Pages 3560-3571
Published 2019-11-4
DOI 10.1083/jcb.201901108
PII jcb.201901108
PMID 31582398
PMC PMC6829665
IF 8.891
Times Cited 1
Yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe