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Author Kato K, Orihara-Ono M, Awasaki T.
Title Multiple lineages enable robust development of the neuropil-glia architecture in adult Drosophila.
Journal Development
Abstract Neural remodeling is essential for the development of a functional nervous system and has been extensively studied in the metamorphosis of Drosophila Despite the crucial roles of glial cells in brain functions, including learning and behavior, little is known of how adult glial cells develop in the context of neural remodeling. Here, we show that the architecture of neuropil-glia in the adult Drosophila brain, which is composed of astrocyte-like glia (ALG) and ensheathing glia (EG), robustly develops from two different populations in the larva: the larval EG and glial cell missing-positive (gcm+ ) cells. Whereas gcm+ cells proliferate and generate adult ALG and EG, larval EG dedifferentiate, proliferate and redifferentiate into the same glial subtypes. Each glial lineage occupies a certain brain area complementary to the other, and together they form the adult neuropil-glia architecture. Both lineages require the FGF receptor Heartless to proliferate, and the homeoprotein Prospero to differentiate into ALG. Lineage-specific inhibition of gliogenesis revealed that each lineage compensates for deficiency in the proliferation of the other. Together, the lineages ensure the robust development of adult neuropil-glia, thereby ensuring a functional brain.
Volume 147(5)
Published 2020-3-11
DOI 10.1242/dev.184085
PII dev.184085
PMID 32051172
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