RRC ID 58552
Author Shibakami M, Sohma M.
Title Thermal, crystalline, and pressure-sensitive adhesive properties of paramylon monoesters derived from an euglenoid polysaccharide.
Journal Carbohydr Polym
Abstract The thermal, crystalline, and pressure-sensitive adhesive properties of thermoplastic monoesters made from paramylon, a storage polysaccharide of Euglena gracilis, and a long-chain acyl chloride, were examined. Differential scanning calorimetry revealed that the thermal properties of these paramylon monoesters were dependent on the chain length and the average degree of substitution of the long-chain acyl group (av. DSlca). X-ray diffractometry revealed that the product solids with a myristoyl or palmitoyl group had a less ordered lateral acyl chain structure than those with a stearoyl group. Tackiness testing showed that the introduction of a myristoyl group into paramylon with an av. DSlca of ∼2.6 to ∼2.9 yielded palpable pressure-sensitive adhesion. A slight deviation of the chain length and/or av. DSlca from those of tacky paramylon myristate solids weakened or dispersed the tackiness. These results demonstrate the feasibility of using paramylon myristate solids with the av. DSlca in a specific range as a practical pressure-sensitive adhesive.
Volume 200
Pages 239-247
Published 2018-11-15
DOI 10.1016/j.carbpol.2018.08.005
PII S0144-8617(18)30904-4
PMID 30177162
IF 7.182
Times Cited 4
Algae NIES-48