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Author Kaplan E, Gonca S, Kandemir H, Döğen A, Hilmioğlu-Polat S, Ilkit M, Tanaka R, Yaguchi T, Uhrlaβ S, Nenoff P.
Title Genes Encoding Proteolytic Enzymes Fungalysin and Subtilisin in Dermatophytes of Human and Animal Origin: A Comparative Study.
Journal Mycopathologia
Abstract Dermatophytes are among the most successful fungal pathogens in humans, but their virulence mechanisms have not yet been fully characterized. Dermatophytic fungi secrete proteases in vivo, which are responsible for fungal colonization and degradation of the keratinized tissue during infection. In the present study, we used PCR to investigate the presence of genes encoding fungalysins (MEP) and subtilisins (SUB) in three dermatophyte species whose incidence is increasing in Europe: the anthropophilic Trichophyton rubrum (n = 58), zoophilic Microsporum canis (n = 33), and Trichophyton benhamiae (n = 6). MEP2 and SUB4 genes were significantly correlated with T. rubrum; MEP3 and SUB1 were mostly frequently harbored by M. canis; and MEP1, 2, and 4 and SUB3-7 were most frequently harbored by T. benhamiae isolates (p < 0.05). Furthermore, MEP1-5 and SUB1-3 genes were significantly more prevalent among human clinical isolates of M. canis (n = 17) than among asymptomatic cat isolates of M. canis (n = 16; p < 0.05). Unidentified MEP and/or SUB genes in some isolates in the current study may suggest that other gene repertoires may be involved in the degradation of keratin. The presented analysis of the incidence of MEP and SUB virulence genes in three dermatophyte species of diverse origins provides an insight into the host-fungus interaction and dermatophyte pathogenesis.
Volume 185(1)
Pages 137-144
Published 2020-2-1
DOI 10.1007/s11046-019-00367-2
PII 10.1007/s11046-019-00367-2
PMID 31376040
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