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Author Yamaki S, Kuronuma S, Kawai Y, Yamazaki K.
Title Inhibitory effect of a combination with novel jumbo bacteriophages ΦMV-1 and ΦMV-4 on Morganella morganii subsp. morganii growth and histamine accumulation.
Journal Int J Food Microbiol
Abstract Histamine (scombroid) poisoning is a foodborne illness caused by ingestion of histamine-contaminated seafood; therefore, inhibition of the growth of histamine-producing bacteria is key for it prevention. Infection of pathogenic bacteria by bacteriophages (phages) is being developed to prevent multiple foodborne illnesses. Here, we describe the inhibitory effect of a phage mixture on growth and histamine accumulation of Morganella morganii subsp. morganii, the primary causative agent of histamine poisoning in fish meat. We isolated novel two phages, ΦMV-1 and ΦMV-4, which infected M. morganii subsp. morganii strains tested in this study. ΦMV-1 and ΦMV-4 belong to family Myoviridae. Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis revealed that these phages are jumbo bacteriophages with large genomes. The latent period, rise period and burst size of ΦMV-1 were 30 min, 60 min, and 224 PFU per infected cell, respectively, and those of ΦMV-4 were 60 min, 50 min, and 62 PFU per infected cell, respectively. A mixture of ΦMV-1 and ΦMV-4 effectively prevented regrowth of M. morganii subsp. morganii after phage treatment, suggesting that the phage mixture treatment is more effective for inhibition of growth and histamine accumulation by M. morganii subsp. morganii than single phage treatment. Treatment with phage mixture inhibited growth and histamine accumulation by M. morganii subsp. morganii in canned and fresh tuna. The phage mixture might be an effective way to prevent growth of the histamine producer and accumulation of histamine in seafood.
Volume 317
Pages 108457
Published 2020-3-16
DOI 10.1016/j.ijfoodmicro.2019.108457
PII S0168-1605(19)30388-5
PMID 31816558
MeSH Animals Antibiosis / physiology* Fishes / microbiology Foodborne Diseases / prevention & control* Histamine / metabolism* Morganella morganii / growth & development* Myoviridae / metabolism* Seafood / microbiology Tuna / microbiology
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