RRC ID 59632
Author Zeng C, Weng C, Wang X, Yan YH, Li WJ, Xu D, Hong M, Liao S, Dong MQ, Feng X, Xu C, Guang S.
Title Functional Proteomics Identifies a PICS Complex Required for piRNA Maturation and Chromosome Segregation.
Journal Cell Rep
Abstract piRNAs play significant roles in suppressing transposons and nonself nucleic acids, maintaining genome integrity, and defending against viral infections. In C. elegans, piRNA precursors are transcribed in the nucleus and are subjected to a number of processing and maturation steps. The biogenesis of piRNAs is not fully understood. We use functional proteomics in C. elegans and identify a piRNA biogenesis and chromosome segregation (PICS) complex. The PICS complex contains TOFU-6, PID-1, PICS-1, TOST-1, and ERH-2, which exhibit dynamic localization among different subcellular compartments. In the germlines, the PICS complex contains TOFU-6/PICS-1/ERH-2/PID-1, is largely concentrated at the perinuclear granule zone, and engages in piRNA processing. During embryogenesis, the TOFU-6/PICS-1/ERH-2/TOST-1 complex accumulates in the nucleus and plays essential roles in chromosome segregation. The functions of these factors in mediating chromosome segregation are independent of piRNA production. We speculate that differential compositions of PICS factors may help cells coordinate distinct cellular processes.
Volume 27(12)
Pages 3561-3572.e3
Published 2019-6-18
DOI 10.1016/j.celrep.2019.05.076
PII S2211-1247(19)30705-3
PMID 31216475
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