RRC ID 5977
Author Hattori H, Tanaka R, Chibana H, Kawamoto F, Adachi H, Shimizu K, Kanbe T.
Title Improvement of the repetitive sequence-based identification and genotyping of Candida albicans using ALT-specific primers.
Journal Jpn J Infect Dis
Abstract The nucleotide sequences of the inner repeats of the repetitive sequence (RPS), termed ALTs, of Candida albicans and its related species C. albicans var. stellatoidea and C. dubliniensis, were analyzed. ALT sequences were grouped into 4 types for C. albicans (Aa, Ab, Ac and Ad) and C. albicans var. stellatoidea (Sa1, Sa2, Sb, Sc and Sd), and 3 types for C. dubliniensis (Da, Db and Dc). In addition to the primer set P-II (specific to RPS), 2 primer sets (AS-I and AiR-I) specific to the nucleotide sequences of C. albicans ALT were designed and tested for their potential for RPS-based identification/genotyping of C. albicans. PCRs using AS-I and AiR-I clearly distinguished C. albicans from both C. albicans var. stellatoidea and C. dubliniensis. Furthermore, the strains of C. albicans that showed similar electrophoretic patterns in the PCR using P-II were discriminated at the subtype level. These results indicate that the PCRs using RPS- and ALT-specific primer sets are useful as simple and rapid systems for the specific identification and genotyping of C. albicans.
Volume 62(3)
Pages 215-9
Published 2009-5-1
PMID 19468185
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Pathogenic microorganisms C. albicans? C. dubliniensis?