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Author Raclavský V, Husicková V, Moránová Z, Ohkusu M, Fischer O, Precek J, Trtková J, Takeo K, Kawamoto S.
Title Growth strategy of the pathogenic yeast Cryptococcus neoformans submerged culture under different cultivation formats.
Journal Folia Microbiol. (Praha)
Abstract Growth patterns of Cryptococcus neoformans submerged culture in different culture volumes, intensity of agitation and types of sealing were evaluated to better understand the physiological role of hypoxia response in this yeast. When low intensity agitation was set at high culture volumes and air exchange between the cultivation vessel and external environment was not abolished completely, the cells proliferated slowly but steadily. On the other hand, when the intensity of agitation was high but the vessel was withheld from fresh air supply, the cells first proliferated rapidly, then arrested completely and finally died. Therefore, the central strategy of C. neoformans here seems to lie in its proliferation-rate adjustment to the available oxygen levels and not in its capacity to survive under anoxia. The data support the opinion that the cultures grown under limited aeration (even though not completely withheld from fresh air supply) are much closer to the real cryptococcal life in human tissues than conventional well-aerated exponential cultures.
Volume 54(4)
Pages 349-52
Published 2009
DOI 10.1007/s12223-009-0044-3
PMID 19826923
MeSH Cryptococcosis / microbiology* Cryptococcus neoformans / growth & development* Cryptococcus neoformans / metabolism Cryptococcus neoformans / pathogenicity Culture Media / metabolism Culture Techniques / methods* Humans Microbial Viability Oxygen / metabolism
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