RRC ID 59960
Author Enomoto T, Tokizawa M, Ito H, Iuchi S, Kobayashi M, Yamamoto YY, Kobayashi Y, Koyama H.
Title STOP1 regulates the expression of HsfA2 and GDHs that are critical for low-oxygen tolerance in Arabidopsis.
Journal J Exp Bot
Abstract The SENSITIVE TO PROTON RHIZOTOXICITY 1 (STOP1) transcription factor regulates gene expression associated with multiple stress tolerances in plant roots. In this study, we investigated the mechanism responsible for the sensitivity of the stop1 mutant to low-oxygen stress in Arabidopsis. Transcriptomic analyses revealed that two genes involved in low-oxygen tolerance, namely GLUTAMATE DEHYDROGENASE 1 (GDH1) and GDH2, showed lower expression levels in the stop1 mutant than in the wild-type. Sensitivity of the gdh1gdh2 double-mutant to low-oxygen conditions was partly attributable to the low-oxygen sensitivity of the stop1 mutant. Two transcription factors, STOP2 and HEAT SHOCK FACTOR A2 (HsfA2), were expressed at lower levels in the stop1 mutant. An in planta complementation assay indicated that CaMV35S::STOP2 or CaMV35S::HsfA2 partially rescued the low-oxygen tolerance of the stop1 mutant, which was concomitant with recovered expression of genes regulating low-pH tolerance and genes encoding molecular chaperones. Prediction of cis-elements and in planta promoter assays revealed that STOP1 directly activated the expression of HsfA2. Similar STOP1-dependent low-oxygen sensitivity was detected in tobacco. Suppression of NtSTOP1 induced low-oxygen sensitivity, which was associated with lower expression levels of NtHsfA2 and NtGDHs compared with the wild-type. Our results indicated that STOP1 pleiotropically regulates low-oxygen tolerance by transcriptional regulation.
Volume 70(12)
Pages 3297-3311
Published 2019-6-28
DOI 10.1093/jxb/erz124
PII 5382396
PMID 30882866
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