RRC ID 60560
Author Yu L, Tang X, Wei S, Qiu Y, Xu X, Xu G, Wang Q, Yang Q.
Title Isolation and characterization of a novel piezotolerant bacterium Lysinibacillus yapensis sp. nov., from deep-sea sediment of the Yap Trench, Pacific Ocean.
Journal J. Microbiol.
Abstract A Gram-positive, aerobic, rod-shaped, spore-forming bacterium, designated YLB-03T, with peritrichous flagella was isolated from deep-sea sediment of the Yap Trench at a depth of 4435 m. The bacterium was found to be catalase-positive but oxidase-negative. Growth of this bacterium was observed at 15-50°C (optimum 37°C), pH 5-10.5 (optimum 7), 0-5% NaCl (optimum 1%, w/v) and 0.1-50 MPa (optimum 0.1 MPa). Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequences showed that strain YLB-03T was a member of the genus Lysinibacillus. Strain YLB-03T was closely related to Lysinibacillus sinduriensis BLB-1T and Lysinibacillus chungkukjangi 2RL3-2T (98.4%), Lysinibacillus halotolerans LAM-612T (98.0%), Lysinibacillus telephonicus KT735049T (97.5%), Lysinibacillus endophyticus C9T (97.5%), Lysinibacillus composti NCCP-36T and Lysinibacillus massiliensis 4400831T (97.3%). The ANI and the GGDC DNA-DNA hybridization estimate values between strain YLB-03T and closely related type strains were 73.7-76.3% and 34.7-38.7%, respectively. The principal fatty acids were anteiso-C15:0 and iso-C15:0. The G+C content of the chromosomal DNA was 39.6 mol%. The respiratory quinone was determined to be MK-7. The diagnostic amino acids in the cell wall peptidoglycan contained Lys-Asp (type A4α) and the cell-wall sugars were glucose and xylose. The polar lipids included diphosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylethanolamine, and an unidentified phospholipid. The combined genotypic and phenotypic data showed that strain YLB-03T represents a novel species within the genus Lysinibacillus, for which the name Lysinibacillus yapensis sp. nov. is proposed, with the type strain YLB-03T (= MCCC 1A12698T = JCM 32871T).
Volume 57(7)
Pages 562-568
Published 2019-7
DOI 10.1007/s12275-019-8709-3
PII 10.1007/s12275-019-8709-3
PMID 31124045
MeSH Bacillaceae / classification* Bacillaceae / genetics Bacillaceae / isolation & purification Bacterial Typing Techniques / methods Geologic Sediments / microbiology* Pacific Ocean Phylogeny RNA, Ribosomal, 16S / genetics
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