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Author Hunter AC, Petley-Ragan LM, Das M, Auld VJ.
Title Basigin Associates with Integrin in Order to Regulate Perineurial Glia and Drosophila Nervous System Morphology.
Journal J Neurosci
Abstract The Drosophila nervous system is ensheathed by a layer of outer glial cells, the perineurial glia, and a specialized extracellular matrix, the neural lamella. The function of perineurial glial cells and how they interact with the extracellular matrix are just beginning to be elucidated. Integrin-based focal adhesion complexes link the glial membrane to the extracellular matrix, but little is known about integrin's regulators in the glia. The transmembrane Ig domain protein Basigin/CD147/EMMPRIN is highly expressed in the perineurial glia surrounding the Drosophila larval nervous system. Here we show that Basigin associates with integrin at the focal adhesions to uphold the structure of the glia-extracellular matrix sheath. Knockdown of Basigin in perineurial glia using RNAi results in significant shortening of the ventral nerve cord, compression of the glia and extracellular matrix in the peripheral nerves, and reduction in larval locomotion. We determined that Basigin is expressed in close proximity to integrin at the glial membrane, and that expression of the extracellular integrin-binding domain of Basigin is sufficient to rescue peripheral glial compression. We also found that a reduction in expression of integrin at the membrane rescues the ventral nerve cord shortening, peripheral glial compression, and locomotor phenotypes, and that reduction in the integrin-binding protein Talin can partially rescue glial compression. These results identify Basigin as a potential negative regulator of integrin in the glia, supporting proper glial and extracellular matrix ensheathment of the nervous system.SIGNIFICANCE STATEMENT The glial cells and extracellular matrix play important roles in supporting and protecting the nervous system, but the interactions between these components have not been well characterized. Our study identified expression of a conserved Ig superfamily protein, Basigin, at the glial membrane of Drosophila where it associates with the integrin-based focal adhesion complexes to ensure proper ensheathment of the CNS and PNS. Loss of Basigin in the glia results in an overall compression of the nervous system due to integrin dysregulation, which causes locomotor defects in the animals. This underlies the importance of glia-matrix communication for structural and functional support of the nervous system.
Volume 40(17)
Pages 3360-3373
Published 2020-4-22
DOI 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1397-19.2020
PII JNEUROSCI.1397-19.2020
PMID 32265259
PMC PMC7178910
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