RRC ID 60941
Author Sato K, Ishii M, Takahagi K, Inoue K, Shimizu M, Uehara-Yamaguchi Y, Nishii R, Mochida K.
Title Genetic Factors Associated with Heading Responses Revealed by Field Evaluation of 274 Barley Accessions for 20 Seasons.
Journal iScience
Abstract Heading time is a key trait in cereals affecting the maturation period for optimal grain filling before harvest. Here, we aimed to understand the factors controlling heading time in barley (Hordeum vulgare). We characterized a set of 274 barley accessions collected worldwide by planting them for 20 seasons under different environmental conditions at the same location in Kurashiki, Japan. We examined interactions among accessions, known genetic factors, and an environmental factor to determine the factors controlling heading response. Locally adapted accessions have been selected for genetic factors that stabilize heading responses appropriate for barley cultivation, and these accessions show stable heading responses even under varying environmental conditions. We identified vernalization requirement and PPD-H1 haplotype as major stabilizing mechanisms of the heading response for regional adaptation in Kurashiki.
Volume 23(6)
Pages 101146
Published 2020-6-26
DOI 10.1016/j.isci.2020.101146
PII S2589-0042(20)30331-X
PMID 32454448
PMC PMC7251784
IF 4.447
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Barley オオムギ274系統(SV)