RRC ID 61020
Author Nozomu Nishi
Title A note on expression and purification of recombinant galectins.
Journal Glycoforum
Volume 23 (5)
Pages A15
Published 2020-10-1
DOI 10.32285/glycoforum.23A15
DNA material pGEX-G1-1a (RDB04217) pGEX-G2-1a (RDB04218) pGEX-G3-1a (RDB04219) pTrc-G4-1a (RDB04220) pGEX-G7-5a (RDB04221) pGEX-G8(M)-2a (RDB04222) pGEX-G9(M)-1a (RDB04223) pTrc-G10-4a (RDB04224) pGEX-LNG12-3 (RDB04225) pET-G1-1a (RDB08392) pET-G3-1a (RDB08393) pGEX-G3CRD-1a (RDB08394) pET-G3CRD-1a (RDB08395) pGEX-G4-1a (RDB08396) pGEX-G4CT-1a (RDB08398) pET-G7-1a (RDB08399) pGEX-G7 R54H-12a (RDB08400) pGEX-G8(M) R69H-1a (RDB08401) pGEX-G8(M) R233H-2a (RDB08402) pGEX-G8(M) R69, 233H-1a (RDB08403) pET-G8(M)-1a (RDB08404) pGEX-G8(L)-1a (RDB08405) pGEX-G8(L) R69H-1a (RDB08406) pGEX-G8(L) R275H-3a (RDB08407) pGEX-G8(L) R69, 275H-1a (RDB08408) pGEX-G8(L) R197A-1a (RDB08409) pET-G8(L)-12a (RDB08410) pGEX-G8NT-1a (RDB08411) pGEX-G8CT-1a (RDB08412) pGEX-G8NCRD-1a (RDB08413) pGEX-G8CCRD-1a (RDB08414) pGEX-G9(S)-1a (RDB08415) pET-G9(S)-3a (RDB08416) pGEX-G9(M) R65H-2a (RDB08417) pGEX-G9(M) R239H-1a (RDB08418) pGEX-G9(M) R65, 239H-1a (RDB08419) pET-G9(M)-4a (RDB08420) pGEX-G9(L)-2a (RDB08421) pET-G9(L)-5a (RDB08422) pGEX-G9NT-1a (RDB08423) pGEX-G9CT-1a (RDB08424) pGEX-G9NCRD-1a (RDB08425) pGEX-G9CCRD-1a (RDB08426) pGEX-G10-8a (RDB08427) pGEX-G12-1a (RDB08428) pGEX-G12NT-1b (RDB08429) pGEX-G12CT-1b (RDB08430) pGEX-G13-1a (RDB08431) pGEX-PPL13-1a (RDB08432) pGEX-mG1-1a (RDB08433) pET-mG1-1a (RDB08434) pGEX-mG2-1a (RDB08435) pGEX-mG3-1a (RDB08436) pGEX-mG4-1a (RDB08437) pGEX-mG7-7a (RDB08438) pET-mG7-1a (RDB08439) pGEX-mG8(M)-2a (RDB08440) pET-mG8(M)-1a (RDB08441) pGEX-mG9(M)-2a (RDB08442) pET-mG9(M)-1a (RDB08443) pET-mG9(L)-3a (RDB08444) pGEX-RaG8(M)-1a (RDB08445) pET-RaG8(M)-1a (RDB08446) pTrc-RaG9(M)-2a (RDB08447) pGEX-CSG1-2a (RDB08448) pET-CSG1-1a (RDB08449) pET-G9Null-11a (RDB08451) pET-G9Null R65D-2a (RDB08452) pET-G9Null R212D-3a (RDB08453) pGEX-G8Null-1a (RDB08454) pET-G8Null-5a (RDB08455) pET-mG8Null-2a (RDB08456) pET-mG9Null-5a (RDB08457) pET-mG9Null R64H-1a (RDB08458) pET-mG9Null R211H-2a (RDB08459) pET-ssG9 (RDB15282) pGEX-G4NT (RDB18237) pGEX-G4Null (RDB18238) pET-mG3-2 (RDB19436) pET-G4-1 (RDB19437) pET-G4Null (RDB19438)