RRC ID 61155
Author Wahyudi A, Fukazawa C, Motohashi R.
Title Function of SlTILs and SlCHL under heat and oxidative stresses in tomato.
Journal Plant Biotechnol (Tokyo)
Abstract Lipocalins are very important proteins for stress resistance in plants. To better understand the function of tomato lipocalins, we observed responses to oxidative stress using over-expressed SlTIL1, SlTIL2, SlCHL, and silenced-plants. Significant differences in reactive oxygen species accumulation (oxidative damage) were observed in all tested plants under heat stress. Plants with over-expressed SlTIL1, SlTIL2, and SlCHL showed less oxidative damage compared with wild-type plants under heat stress. The expression of SlSODs was induced in over-expressed SlTIL1, SlTIL2, and SlCHL plants under normal and heat stress conditions. Furthermore, silenced PDS, SlTILs, and SlCHL plants showed slightly increasing oxidative damage under heat stress alongside with lower SlSODs under normal and stress conditions. These results suggest that SlTIL1, SlTIL2, and SlCHL were involved in antioxidant defense by eliminating ROS in tomato plants.
Volume 37(3)
Pages 335-341
Published 2020-9-25
DOI 10.5511/plantbiotechnology.20.0422a
PMID 33088197
PMC PMC7557659
IF 0.901
Tomato TOMJPF00001 (Micro-Tom)