RRC ID 6171
Author Miura K, Ikeda M, Matsubara A, Song XJ, Ito M, Asano K, Matsuoka M, Kitano H, Ashikari M.
Title OsSPL14 promotes panicle branching and higher grain productivity in rice.
Journal Nat Genet
Abstract Identification of alleles that improve crop production and lead to higher-yielding varieties are needed for food security. Here we show that the quantitative trait locus WFP (WEALTHY FARMER'S PANICLE) encodes OsSPL14 (SQUAMOSA PROMOTER BINDING PROTEIN-LIKE 14, also known as IPA1). Higher expression of OsSPL14 in the reproductive stage promotes panicle branching and higher grain yield in rice. OsSPL14 controls shoot branching in the vegetative stage and is affected by microRNA excision. We also demonstrate the feasibility of using the OsSLP14(WFP) allele to increase rice crop yield. Introduction of the high-yielding OsSPL14(WFP) allele into the standard rice variety Nipponbare resulted in increased rice production.
Volume 42(6)
Pages 545-9
Published 2010-6-1
DOI 10.1038/ng.592
PII ng.592
PMID 20495564
MeSH Alleles Crops, Agricultural* Feasibility Studies Gene Expression Regulation, Plant Genes, Plant Oryza / genetics* Oryza / growth & development* Plant Structures Plants, Genetically Modified* Quantitative Trait Loci*
IF 27.605
Times Cited 466
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