RRC ID 61993
Author Mizushima R, Inoue K, Fujiwara H, Iwane AH, Watanabe TM, Kimura A.
Title Multiplexed 129Xe HyperCEST MRI Detection of Genetically Reconstituted Bacterial Protein Nanoparticles in Human Cancer Cells.
Journal Contrast Media Mol Imaging
Abstract Gas vesicle nanoparticles (GVs) are gas-containing protein assemblies expressed in bacteria and archaea. Recently, GVs have gained considerable attention for biotechnological applications as genetically encodable contrast agents for MRI and ultrasonography. However, at present, the practical use of GVs is hampered by a lack of robust methodology for their induction into mammalian cells. Here, we demonstrate the genetic reconstitution of protein nanoparticles with characteristic bicone structures similar to natural GVs in a human breast cancer cell line KPL-4 and genetic control of their size and shape through expression of reduced sets of humanized gas vesicle genes cloned into Tol2 transposon vectors, referencing the natural gas vesicle gene clusters of the cyanobacteria planktothrix rubescens/agardhii. We then report the utility of these nanoparticles as multiplexed, sensitive, and genetically encoded contrast agents for hyperpolarized xenon chemical exchange saturation transfer (HyperCEST) MRI.
Volume 2020
Pages 5425934
Published 2020-1-1
DOI 10.1155/2020/5425934
PMID 32256252
PMC PMC7091528
MeSH Bacterial Proteins / chemistry* Cell Line, Tumor Humans Magnetic Resonance Imaging* Nanoparticles / chemistry* Nanoparticles / ultrastructure Neoplasms / metabolism* Xenon Isotopes / chemistry*
IF 2.651
DNA material pT2b_mT_gvpC16-T2A-EGFP_pP_rm (RDB16904) pT2b_mT_gvpC20-T2A-mKO2_pP_rm (RDB16905) pT2b_mT_gvpC28-T2A-EGFP_pP_rm (RDB16906)