RRC ID 62057
Author Kaneda M, Odaka T, Suetake H, Tahara D, Miyadai T.
Title Teleost IL-6 promotes antibody production through STAT3 signaling via IL-6R and gp130.
Journal Dev Comp Immunol
Abstract Teleost IL-6 is upregulated after antigen stimulation; therefore, we hypothesized that fish IL-6 contributes to antibody production during immune responses against infections. To verify this hypothesis, we first cloned IL-6R and gp130 in fugu (Takifugu rubripes) in the present study. The membrane and soluble forms of IL-6R were identified by the identification of cDNA clones of IL-6R homologues. Three STAT3-docking sites were found in the intracellular region of fugu gp130. Expression analysis showed that fugu IL-6R and gp130 were expressed in mIgM(+) B cells, suggesting that fugu B cells are stimulated by IL-6. Recombinant fugu IL-6 (rfIL-6) increased the gene expression of secretory antibodies by mIgM(+) B cells in vitro. The rfIL-6 and soluble form of rfIL-6R activated STAT3 phosphorylation in the B cells and a cultured cell line transfected with fugu gp130. These results indicate that fugu IL-6 enhances antibody production in the B-cell lineage via gp130 and STAT3 signaling.
Volume 38(2)
Pages 224-31
Published 2012-10-1
DOI 10.1016/j.dci.2012.02.002
PII S0145-305X(12)00025-0
PMID 22469658
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