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Author Odagiri T, Asano Y, Kagiya T, Matsusaki M, Akashi M, Shimoda H, Hakamada K.
Title The Cell Line-Dependent Diversity in Initial Morphological Dynamics of Pancreatic Cancer Cell Peritoneal Metastasis Visualized by an Artificial Human Peritoneal Model.
Journal J Surg Res
Abstract BACKGROUND:Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma is considered as one of the most malignant types of cancer with rapid metastasis and invasion of the cancer cells, having peritoneal metastasis (PM) as a dominant factor of poor prognosis. Although the prevention of peritoneal dissemination would result in the inhibition of the initial metastatic process and contribute in improving the poor prognosis of the pancreatic cancer, the initial dynamics of PM are still unclear because of the lack of adequate models in studying the morphological and molecular details of pancreatic cancer cells.
MATERIALS AND METHODS:The artificial human peritoneal tissue (AHPT) that can be applied in studying for the spatial dynamics of cancer PM in vitro has been established previously. In this study, the initial dynamics of the three pancreatic cell lines, undifferentiated carcinoma MIA PaCa-2, poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma Panc-1, and moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma BxPC3 on AHPT are examined.
RESULTS:In a morphological analysis using light and electron microscopy, MIA PaCa-2 cells spread on the mesothelial layer with disruption of the sheet structure and infiltrated into the stroma-like tissue in AHPT. On the other hand, BxPC3 cells changed shapes from round into flat ones with rapid proliferation and formed sheet structure at the surface of the tissue replacing the mesothelial layer without vertical invasion into the tissue. Panc-1 cells demonstrated the intermediate characteristics of MIA PaCa-2 and BxPC3 on AHPT. These diverse morphological characteristics were verified by the correspondence with the results in a mouse model and were reflected by the profile of secreted oncogenic proteins of the three pancreatic cell lines.
CONCLUSIONS:The initial dynamics in the peritoneal dissemination of these pancreatic cancer cell lines were demonstrated by AHPT, showing the morphological and molecular diversity depending on the degree of differentiation or the properties of oncogenic protein secretion.
Volume 261
Pages 351-360
Published 2021-5-1
DOI 10.1016/j.jss.2020.12.046
PII S0022-4804(20)30907-0
PMID 33493887
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