RRC ID 63922
Author Jemmat AM, Ranocha P, Le Ru A, Neel M, Jauneau A, Raggi S, Ferrari S, Burlat V, Dunand C.
Title Coordination of five class III peroxidase-encoding genes for early germination events of Arabidopsis thaliana.
Journal Plant Sci
Abstract The Class III peroxidases (CIII Prxs) belong to a plant-specific multigene family. Thanks to their double catalytic cycle they can oxidize compounds or release reactive oxygen species (ROS). They are either involved in different cell wall stiffening processes such as lignification and suberization, in cell wall loosening or defense mechanisms. Germination is an important developmental stage requiring specific peroxidase activity. However, little is known about which isoforms are involved. Five CIII Prx encoding genes: AtPrx04, AtPrx16, AtPrx62, AtPrx69, and AtPrx71 were identified from published microarray data mining. Delayed or induced testa and endosperm rupture were observed for the corresponding CIII Prx mutant lines indicating either a gene-specific inducing or repressing role during germination, respectively. Via in situ hybridization AtPrx16, AtPrx62, AtPrx69 and AtPrx71 transcripts were exclusively localized to the micropylar endosperm facing the radicle, and tran scriptomic data analysis enabled positioning the five CIII Prxs in a co-expression network enriched in germi nation, cell wall, cell wall proteins and xyloglucan hits. Evidence were produced showing that the five CIII Prxs were cell wall-targeted proteins and that the micropylar endosperm displayed a complex cell wall domain to pochemistry. Finally, we drew a spatio-temporal model highlighting the fine sequential gene expression and the possible involvement of micropylar endosperm cell wall domains to explain the non-redundant cell wall stif fening and loosening functions of the CIII Prxs in a single cell type. We also highlighted the necessity of a peroxidase homeostasis to accurately control the micropylar endosperm cell wall dynamics during Arabidopsis germination events.
Volume 298
Pages 110565
Published 2020-6-16
DOI 10.1016/j.plantsci.2020.110565
PII S0168-9452(20)30171-0
PMID 32771166
MeSH Arabidopsis / genetics Arabidopsis / physiology* Arabidopsis Proteins / genetics* Arabidopsis Proteins / metabolism Genes, Plant Germination / genetics* Multigene Family Peroxidases / genetics* Peroxidases / metabolism
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