RRC ID 64074
Author Deushi R, Toda E, Koshimizu S, Yano K, Okamoto T.
Title Effect of Paternal Genome Excess on the Developmental and Gene Expression Profiles of Polyspermic Zygotes in Rice.
Journal Plants (Basel)
Abstract Polyploid zygotes with a paternal gamete/genome excess exhibit arrested development, whereas polyploid zygotes with a maternal excess develop normally. These observations indicate that paternal and maternal genomes synergistically influence zygote development via distinct functions. In this study, to clarify how paternal genome excess affects zygotic development, the developmental and gene expression profiles of polyspermic rice zygotes were analyzed. The results indicated that polyspermic zygotes were mostly arrested at the one-cell stage after karyogamy had completed. Through comparison of transcriptomes between polyspermic zygotes and diploid zygotes, 36 and 43 genes with up-regulated and down-regulated expression levels, respectively, were identified in the polyspermic zygotes relative to the corresponding expression in the diploid zygotes. Notably, OsASGR-BBML1, which encodes an AP2 transcription factor possibly involved in initiating rice zygote development, was expressed at a much lower level in the polyspermic zygotes than in the diploid zygotes.
Volume 10(2)
Published 2021-1-28
DOI 10.3390/plants10020255
PII plants10020255
PMID 33525652
IF 2.762
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes rpc00031