RRC ID 64375
Author Yanagawa A, Tomaru M, Kajiwara A, Nakajima H, Quemener ED, Steyer JP, Mitani T.
Title Impact of 2.45 GHz Microwave Irradiation on the Fruit Fly, Drosophila melanogaster.
Journal Insects
Abstract The physiological and behavioral influences of 2.45 GHz microwaves on Drosophila melanogaster were examined. Standing waves transitioned into heat energy effectively when passing through the insect body. On the contrary, travelling waves did not transit into heat energy in the insect body. This indicated that there was no concern regarding the thermal effects of microwave irradiation for levels of daily usage. However, we detected genotoxicity and behavioral alterations associated with travelling wave irradiation, which can be attributed to the non-thermal effects of the waves. Electron spin resonance (ESR) revealed that fruit flies possessed paramagnetic substances in the body such as Fe3+, Cu2+, Mn2+, and organic radicals. The temperature dependent intensities of these paramagnetic substances indicated that females possessed more of the components susceptible to electromagnetic waves than males, and the behavioral tests supported the differences between the sexes.
Volume 11(9)
Published 2020-9-4
DOI 10.3390/insects11090598
PII insects11090598
PMID 32899629
PMC PMC7564283
IF 2.22
Drosophila DGRC#105666 DGRC#109611 DGRC#109612