RRC ID 64434
Author Furudate A, Hirose S, Abe K, Kawashima A, Hashimoto K, Yamazaki S, Kamei K, Ishiwada N, Hamada H, Sato M.
Title Infantile Aspergillus fumigatus ventriculitis successfully treated with monitoring of plasma and cerebrospinal fluid voriconazole concentration level.
Journal J Infect Chemother
Abstract Aspergillosis is a rare fungal infection in newborns, and its morbidity and mortality are high. Voriconazole (VRCZ) is the first-line antifungal agent for invasive Aspergillus infection, but little data is available about its pharmacokinetics in infants. We report a case of a premature infant who developed ventriculitis due to Aspergillus fumigatus and received combination antifungal therapy including VRCZ. β-D glucan and Aspergillus antigen index were elevated in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). We titrated the dose of VRCZ by monitoring plasma and CSF concentrations. The CSF to plasma concentration ratio of VRCZ ranged from 0.47 to 1.36 (median 0.71). While VRCZ adequately penetrates the blood-brain barrier, its concentration is highly variable in infants.
Volume 26(1)
Pages 132-135
Published 2020-1-1
DOI 10.1016/j.jiac.2019.06.011
PII S1341-321X(19)30198-9
PMID 31350185
MeSH Antifungal Agents* / blood Antifungal Agents* / cerebrospinal fluid Antifungal Agents* / therapeutic use Aspergillus fumigatus* Cerebral Ventriculitis / drug therapy* Drug Monitoring Humans Infant, Newborn Male Neuroaspergillosis / drug therapy* Voriconazole* / blood Voriconazole* / cerebrospinal fluid Voriconazole* / therapeutic use
IF 1.722
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Aspergillus fumigatus IFM 65289