RRC ID 64741
Author Chen JW, Niu X, King MJ, Noedl MT, Tabin CJ, Galloway JL.
Title The mevalonate pathway is a crucial regulator of tendon cell specification.
Journal Development
Abstract Tendons and ligaments are crucial components of the musculoskeletal system, yet the pathways specifying these fates remain poorly defined. Through a screen of known bioactive chemicals in zebrafish, we identified a new pathway regulating tendon cell induction. We established that statin, through inhibition of the mevalonate pathway, causes an expansion of the tendon progenitor population. Co-expression and live imaging studies indicate that the expansion does not involve an increase in cell proliferation, but rather results from re-specification of cells from the neural crest-derived sox9a+/sox10+ skeletal lineage. The effect on tendon cell expansion is specific to the geranylgeranylation branch of the mevalonate pathway and is mediated by inhibition of Rac activity. This work establishes a novel role for the mevalonate pathway and Rac activity in regulating specification of the tendon lineage.
Volume 147(12)
Published 2020-6-24
DOI 10.1242/dev.185389
PII dev.185389
PMID 32467241
PMC PMC7328158
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