RRC ID 64965
Author Shimizu-Sato S, Tsuda K, Nosaka-Takahashi M, Suzuki T, Ono S, Ta KN, Yoshida Y, Nonomura KI, Sato Y.
Title Agrobacterium-Mediated Genetic Transformation of Wild Oryza Species Using Immature Embryos.
Journal Rice (N Y)
Abstract Genetic transformation is one of the most important technologies for revealing or modulating gene function. It is used widely in both functional genomics and molecular breeding of rice. Demands on its use in wild Oryza species is increasing because of their high genetic diversity. Given the difficulties in genetic crosses between distantly related species, genetic transformation offers a way to alter or transfer genetic traits in wild rice accessions. However, transformation of wild Oryza accessions by conventional methods using calli induced from scutellum tissue of embryos in mature seeds often fails. Here, we report methods using immature embryos for the genetic transformation of a broad range of Oryza species. First, we investigated the ability of callus induction and regeneration from immature embryos of 192 accessions in 20 species under several culture conditions. We regenerated plants from immature embryos of 90 accessions in 16 species. Next, we optimized the conditions of Agrobacterium infection using a vector carrying the GFP gene driven by the maize ubiquitin promoter. GFP signals were observed in 51 accessions in 11 species. We analyzed the growth and seed set of transgenic plants of O. barthii, O. glumaepatula, O. rufipogon, and O. brachyantha. The plants grew to maturity and set seeds normally. Southern blot analyses using DNA from T0 plants showed that all GFP plants were derived from independent transformation events. We confirmed that the T-DNAs were transmitted to the next generation through the segregation of GFP signals in the T1 generation. These results show that many Oryza species can be transformed by using modified immature-embryo methods. This will accelerate the use of wild Oryza accessions in molecular genetic analyses and molecular breeding.
Volume 13(1)
Pages 33
Published 2020-6-3
DOI 10.1186/s12284-020-00394-4
PII 10.1186/s12284-020-00394-4
PMID 32495182
IF 3.912
Rice W0001, W0003, W0008, W0017, W0107, W1177, W1189, W1227, W1315, W1323, W1401, W1474(B), W1473, W1483, W1515, W1525, W1573, W1635, W1805, W2068 他多数