RRC ID 65950
Author Hernandez-Reyes CA, Fukushima S, Shigaki S, Kurabayashi D, Sakurai T, Kanzaki R, Sezutsu H.
Title Identification of Exploration and Exploitation Balance in the Silkmoth Olfactory Search Behavior by Information-Theoretic Modeling.
Journal Front Comput Neurosci
Abstract Insects search for and find odor sources as their basic behaviors, such as when looking for food or a mate. This has motivated research to describe how they achieve such behavior under turbulent odor plumes with a small number of neurons. Among different insects, the silk moth has been studied owing to its clear motor response to olfactory input. In past studies, the "programmed behavior" of the silk moth has been modeled as the average duration of a sequence of maneuvers based on the duration of periods without odor hits. However, this model does not fully represent the fine variations in their behavior. In this study, we used silk moth olfactory search trajectories from an experimental virtual reality device. We achieved an accurate input by using optogenetic silk moths that react to blue light. We then modeled such trajectories as a probabilistic learning agent with a belief of possible source locations. We found that maneuvers mismatching the programmed behavior are related to larger entropy decrease, that is, they are more likely to increase the certainty of the belief. This implies that silkmoths include some stochasticity in their search policy to balance the exploration and exploitation of olfactory information by matching or mismatching the programmed behavior model. We believe that this information-theoretic representation of insect behavior is important for the future implementation of olfactory searches in artificial agents such as robots.
Volume 15
Pages 629380
Published 2021-1-1
DOI 10.3389/fncom.2021.629380
PMID 33597856
IF 2.323