RRC ID 66115
Author Sakamoto H, Kita K, Matsuzaki M.
Title A novel 2A-peptide-containing plasmid to generate stable Perkinsus marinus cells expressing organelle-targeted genes.
Journal J Eukaryot Microbiol
Abstract Genetic manipulation techniques for marine protists are not well-established, despite immense efforts. However, Perkinsus marinus is an exception and can be developed as a genetically tractable model organism for related protists. Here, we designed a new plasmid for P. marinus that allows two proteins from a single mRNA to be differently localized using a self-cleaving 2A peptide. This enabled us to establish a stable transfectant expressing a mitochondrially targeted fluorescent protein. The system can be applied to any protein in theory and would make a powerful tool for investigating unique organelles in P. marinus and related dinoflagellates.
Volume 68(5)
Pages e12861
Published 2021-9-1
DOI 10.1111/jeu.12861
PMID 34051022
MeSH Apicomplexa* / genetics Dinoflagellida* / genetics Organelles / genetics Peptides Plasmids / genetics
IF 2.143
DNA material pMGB (RDB15789) pMGP (RDB15790) pMRB (RDB15791)