RRC ID 66879
Author Sasaki H, Kubohara Y, Ishigaki H, Takahashi K, Eguchi H, Sugawara A, Oshima Y, Kikuchi H.
Title Two New Terpenes Isolated from Dictyostelium Cellular Slime Molds.
Journal Molecules
Abstract We report a protoilludane-type sesquiterpene, mucoroidiol, and a geranylated bicyclogermacranol, firmibasiol, isolated from Dictyostelium cellular slime molds. The methanol extracts of the fruiting bodies of cellular slime molds were separated by chromatographic methods to give these compounds. Their structures have been established by several spectral means. Mucoroidiol and firmibasiol are the first examples of more modified and oxidized terpenoids isolated from cellular slime molds. Mucoroidiol showed moderate osteoclast-differentiation inhibitory activity despite demonstrating very weak cell-proliferation inhibitory activity. Therefore, cellular slime molds produce considerably diverse secondary metabolites, and they are promising sources of new natural product chemistry.
Volume 25(12)
Published 2020-6-23
DOI 10.3390/molecules25122895
PII molecules25122895
PMID 32585998
IF 3.06
Cellular slime molds