RRC ID 66893
Author Kariya K, Ube N, Ueno M, Teraishi M, Okumoto Y, Mori N, Ueno K, Ishihara A.
Title Natural variation of diterpenoid phytoalexins in cultivated and wild rice species.
Journal Phytochemistry
Abstract Rice (Oryza sativa) leaves accumulate phytoalexins in response to pathogen attack. The major phytoalexins in rice are diterpenoids such as momilactones, phytocassanes, and oryzalexins. We analyzed the abundance of momilactones A and B and phytocassanes A and D in UV-light-irradiated leaves of cultivars from the World Rice Core Collection (WRC). Both types of phytoalexins were detected in most cultivars; however, their accumulated amounts varied greatly from cultivar to cultivar. The amounts of momilactones A and B tended to be higher in japonica cultivars than those in indica cultivars. However, the accumulated amounts of phytocassanes were not related to differences in subspecies. In addition, variation in phytoalexin content was observed for seven wild rice species. During the analysis of momilactone A in cultivars from the WRC, two unknown compounds were detected in'Jaguary' and 'Basilanon'. We isolated these compounds from UV-light-irradiated leaves and determined their structures. The compound isolated from 'Jaguary' was an isomer of momilactone A that had an abietane skeleton, while that from 'Basilanon' was di-dehydrogenated phytocassane A; these compounds were denoted as oryzalactone and phytocassane G. Oryzalactone accumulated in only three cultivars, whereas phytocassane G accumulated in almost all of the cultivars from the WRC. These findings indicate the existence of large natural variation in the phytoalexin composition in rice.
Volume 180
Pages 112518
Published 2020-12-1
DOI 10.1016/j.phytochem.2020.112518
PII S0031-9422(20)30739-1
PMID 32950772
MeSH Diterpenes Oryza* Phytoalexins Plant Leaves Sesquiterpenes*
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