RRC ID 68165
Author Mizukami Y, Takahashi Y, Shimizu K, Konishi S, Takakura Y, Nishikawa M.
Title Calcium Peroxide-Containing Polydimethylsiloxane-Based Microwells for Inhibiting Cell Death in Spheroids through Improved Oxygen Supply.
Journal Biol Pharm Bull
Abstract Multicellular spheroids are expected to be used for in vivo-like tissue models and cell transplantation. Microwell devices are useful for the fabrication of multicellular spheroids to improve productivity and regulate their size. However, the high cell density in microwell devices leads to accelerated cell death. In this study, we developed O2-generating microwells by incorporating calcium peroxide (CaO2) into polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)-based microwells. The CaO2-containing PDMS was shown to generate O2 for 3 d. Then, CaO2-containing PDMS was used to fabricate O2-generating microwells using a micro-molding technique. When human hepatocellular carcinoma (HepG2) spheroids were prepared using the conventional microwells, the O2 concentration in the culture medium reduced to approx. 67% of the cell-free level. In contrast, the O2-generating microwells maintained O2 at constant levels. The HepG2 spheroids prepared using the O2-generating microwells had a larger number of live cells than those prepared using the conventional microwells. In addition, the O2-generating microwells rescued hypoxia in the HepG2 spheroids and increased cell viability. Lastly, the O2-generating microwells were also useful for the preparation of multicellular spheroids of other cell types (i.e., MIN6, B16-BL6, and adipose-derived stem cells) with high cell viability. These results showed that the O2-generating microwells are useful for preparing multicellular spheroids with high cell viability.
Volume 44(10)
Pages 1458-1464
Published 2021-1-1
DOI 10.1248/bpb.b21-00269
PMID 34602554
MeSH Apoptosis / drug effects Cell Culture Techniques / instrumentation* Cell Hypoxia / drug effects Cell Line, Tumor Cell Survival Dimethylpolysiloxanes / chemistry Humans Oxygen / metabolism Peroxides / chemistry Peroxides / pharmacology* Spheroids, Cellular / physiology*
IF 1.863
Human and Animal Cells B16/BL6(RCB2638)