RRC ID 687
Author Mizumoto K., Hirosawa S., Nakamura C., Takumi, S.
Title Nuclear and chloroplast genome genetic diversity in the wild einkorn wheat, Triticum urartu, revealed by AFLP and SSLP analyses.
Journal Hereditas
Volume 137
Pages 208-214
Published 2002-1-1
IF 0.896
Wheat KU-199-1 KU-199-6 KU-199-1 KU-104-1 KU-104-2 KU-104-3 KU-105 KU-106 KU-1001 KU-1404 KU-1420 KU-1427 KU-1428 KU-1431 KU-1432 KU-3636 KU-3637 KU-3640 KU-3641A LPGKU2272 KU-3641B KU-11040 KU-11047 KU-11070 KU-11072 KU-11083 KU-11084 KU-11357 KU-101-3 KU-103 KU-1-2 KU-1-3 KU-2-4 KU-2-5 KU-20-1 KU-20-3 KU-20-6 KU-20-9 KU-20-10