RRC ID 69858
Author Murakami T, Katsuragi Y, Hirai H, Wataya K, Kondo M, Che FS.
Title Distribution of flagellin CD2-1, flg22, and flgII-28 recognition systems in plant species and regulation of plant immune responses through these recognition systems.
Journal Biosci Biotechnol Biochem
Abstract The first layer of active plant immunity relies upon the recognition of PAMPs or MAMPs, and the induction of PTI. Flagellin is the major protein component of the bacterial flagellum. Flagellin-derived peptide fragments such as CD2-1, flg22, and flgII-28 function as PAMPs in most higher plants. To determine the distribution of CD2-1, flg22, and flgII-28 recognition systems within plant species, the inducibility of PTI by CD2-1, flg22, and flgII-28 in eight plant species, including monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plants was investigated. CD2-1 caused PTI responses in Oryza sativa, Brachypodium distachyon, and Asparagus persicus; flg22 caused PTI responses in Phyllostachys nigra, A. persicus, Arabidopsis thaliana, Nicotiana tabacum, Solanum lycopersicum, and Lotus japonicus; and flgII-28 caused PTI responses only in S. lycopersicum. Furthermore, quantitative analysis of FLS2 receptor revealed that the responsiveness of flg22 in plants was dependent on the expression level of the receptor.
Volume 86(4)
Pages 490-501
Published 2022-3-21
DOI 10.1093/bbb/zbac007
PII 6510810
PMID 35040954
MeSH Flagellin* / genetics Flagellin* / metabolism Gene Expression Regulation, Plant Plant Diseases / microbiology Plant Immunity* Plants / immunology*
IF 1.516
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes rpc00008 rpc00001