RRC ID 70165
Author Guan NN, Xu L, Zhang T, Huang CX, Wang Z, Dahlberg E, Wang H, Wang F, Pallucchi I, Hua Y, El Manira A, Song J.
Title A specialized spinal circuit for command amplification and directionality during escape behavior.
Journal Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
Abstract In vertebrates, action selection often involves higher cognition entailing an evaluative process. However, urgent tasks, such as defensive escape, require an immediate implementation of the directionality of escape trajectory, necessitating local circuits. Here we reveal a specialized spinal circuit for the execution of escape direction in adult zebrafish. A central component of this circuit is a unique class of segmentally repeating cholinergic V2a interneurons expressing the transcription factor Chx10. These interneurons amplify brainstem-initiated escape commands and rapidly deliver the excitation via a feedforward circuit to all fast motor neurons and commissural interneurons to direct the escape maneuver. The information transfer within this circuit relies on fast and reliable axo-axonic synaptic connections, bypassing soma and dendrites. Unilateral ablation of cholinergic V2a interneurons eliminated escape command propagation. Thus, in vertebrates, local spinal circuits can implement directionality of urgent motor actions vital for survival.
Volume 118(42)
Published 2021-10-19
DOI 10.1073/pnas.2106785118
PII 2106785118
PMID 34663699
PMC PMC8545473
MeSH Animals Behavior, Animal* Interneurons / physiology Locomotion / physiology Spinal Cord / physiology* Swimming / physiology Zebrafish / physiology
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Zebrafish Tg(chx10:GFP) Tol-056