RRC ID 70248
Author Suzuki S, Osada S, Imamura D, Sato T.
Title New Bacillus subtilis vector, pSSβ, as genetic tool for site-specific integration and excision of cloned DNA, and prophage elimination.
Journal J Gen Appl Microbiol
Abstract Site-specific recombination (SSR) systems are employed in many genetic mobile elements, including temperate phages, for their integration and excision. Recently, they have also been used as tools for applications in fields ranging from basic to synthetic biology. SPβ is a temperate phage of the Siphoviridae family found in the laboratory standard Bacillus subtilis strain 168. SPβ encodes a serine-type recombinase, SprA, and recombination directionality factor (RDF), SprB. SprA catalyzes recombination between the attachment site of the phage, attP, and that of the host, attB, to integrate phage genome into the attB site of the host genome and generate attL and attR at both ends of the prophage genome. SprB works in conjunction with SprA and switches from attB/attP to attL/R recombination, which leads to excision of the prophage. In the present study, we took advantage of this highly efficient recombination system to develop a site-specific integration and excision plasmid vector, named pSSβ. It was constructed using pUC plasmid and the SSR system components, attP, sprA and sprB of SPβ. pSSβ was integrated into the attB site with a significantly high efficiency, and the resulting pSSβ integrated strain also easily eliminated pSSβ itself from the host genome by the induction of SprB expression with xylose. This report presents two applications using pSSβ that are particularly suitable for gene complementation experiments and for a curing system of SPβ prophage, that may serve as a model system for the removal of prophages in other bacteria.
Volume 68(2)
Pages 71-78
Published 2022-9-15
DOI 10.2323/jgam.2021.10.004
PMID 35387911
MeSH Bacillus subtilis / genetics Bacillus subtilis / metabolism Bacteriophages* / genetics DNA Integrases / genetics Integrases / metabolism Prophages* / genetics Prophages* / metabolism Recombination, Genetic
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Prokaryotes B. subtilis MBP31