RRC ID 70290
Author Liu C, Miyahara H, Dai J, Cui X, Li Y, Kang X, Higuchi K, Mori M.
Title Involvement of increased endoplasmic reticulum stress in the development of cataracts in BALB.NCT-Cpoxnct mice.
Journal Exp Eye Res
Abstract The BALB.NCT-Cpoxnct is a mutant mouse model for hereditary cataracts. We previously uncovered that the primary cause of the cataracts of BALB.NCT-Cpoxnct is a mutation in the coproporphyrinogen oxidase (Cpox) gene. Because of the mutation, excessive coproporphyrin is accumulated in the BALB.NCT-Cpoxnct lens. In this study, we analyzed the changes in transcriptome and proteins in the lenses of 4- and 12-week-old BALB.NCT-Cpoxnct to further elucidate the molecular etiology of cataracts in this mouse strain. Transcriptome analysis revealed that endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress was increased in the BALB.NCT-Cpoxnct lens that induced persistent activation of the PERK signaling pathway of the ER stress response. Also, levels of crystallin transcripts and proteins were reduced in the BALB.NCT-Cpoxnct lens. Analysis of proteins disclosed aggregation of crystallins and keratins prior to the manifestation of cataracts in 4-week-old BALB.NCT-Cpoxnct mice. At 12 weeks of age, insoluble crystallins were accumulated in the cataractous BALB.NCT-Cpoxnct lens. Overall, our data suggest the following sequence of events in the BALB.NCT-Cpoxnct lens: accumulated coproporphyrin induces the aggregation of proteins including crystallins. Aggregated proteins increase ER stress that, in turn, leads to the repression of global translation of proteins including crystallins. The decline in the molecular chaperone crystallin aggravates aggregation and insolubilization of proteins. This vicious cycle would eventually lead to cataracts in BALB.NCT-Cpoxnct.
Volume 215
Pages 108905
Published 2022-2-1
DOI 10.1016/j.exer.2021.108905
PII S0014-4835(21)00471-1
PMID 34968474
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